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Salmon, Rock Fish & Ling Cod, Burials at Sea
Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, California 94019 

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Grant H. 
San Jose, CA 

Last Friday I went out rockfishing with these guys.  It was a smaller group of people so I had the bow to myself which was nice.  I must say I had a blast.  On the way out we got an impromptu whale watching show as they were showing off in the bay!  The skipper knows where to find the fish.  I felt like an asshole when the captain tripped over my tackle box I left on the floor path when he was rushing to grab the gaff for a nice ling I had on my line, he recovered and brought that thing in like a pro.  I am still sorry about that.  The deckhand was awesome and like a fish whisperer.  I would have nothing on my line and then he would walk by to just check on me and I would get a big hookup. 2 times that morning those hits were nice Ling Cod.  Came home with a nice sack of fish.  Thanks Riptide and crew...I will be back!

Emanuel Q. 
Vallejo, CA 

Man I was the riptide this past Saturday the 12th. And boy that was one the best days that I had. I think we caught over 20 lings. Rock fish had some quality size too. Boy I hooked up to a 2 pound china cod. Limits for lings and rock fish. I love this organization. The captain was very friendly and willing to help out people on the boat. He did a great job put us on top of the fish. Deck hand Lee did a great job helping people untangling people’s lines. Meas in fish and just making sure everyone is having a great time. Ted  is also a fun hang to hang out and fish with. He was also helping out people pulling in lings and giving helpful tips on how to catch more fish. It was great time again on the riptide. I'll you guys a five out of five. Thanks captain Smitty and your crew.

Shereen V. 
San Jose, CA

I love going out on the Riptide with Captain Smitty! He is a great captain and tries his best to get everyone a fish. It is not his fault if the fish just aren't biting, it is called fishing not catching. I prefer the smaller boat that the Riptide is because it means less people and just isn't so chaotic. I go fishing yearly for my dad's birthday and the Riptide is our first choice. I personally enjoy Rockcod fishing more than Salmon fishing because of the fact that you are almost guaranteed to go home with your limit, though I did go Salmon fishing last year and had a good time even though I didn't catch anything (my dad did though). Captain Smitty is a captain that truly cares about his vessel and the people that are aboard.

Christopher R. 
San Ramon, CA

Great time today in the water. Started off slow but once I hit the right color the fish were after I was booking it up like crazy. Captain was great, friendly to all, and most important he put us on the fish. Deckhand Lee was also great. For some people he is there to cut bait, untangle lines, and help you out. For others he is there to chat with and be friendly. All in all great experience will be back again.